About our founder

Chris Mallinson

Founder & Design Director

Chris Mallinson is a big believer in purposeful design—design built foremost on strong conceptual thinking and creative execution. 

After four years rising up from designer to Senior Art Director at Bartley & Dick, he brought the same balance of great content and strong visual aesthetics to the likes of AMC Networks, MTV/Viacom, The BBC, and International Delights, just to name a few.

His work has been published in HOW Design Magazine, AdWeek, GD USA and The Dieline. He has always been on the hunt for doing great work with even better people.

In early 2016 when he was in the midst of contemplating branching off and starting his own agency, he would think of several different names and jot them in his phone on the way to work in midtown Manhattan. 

On a typical NYC day after it rained, the sidewalks were littered with the same sort of black umbrellas which had seen better days. Across the street, he spotted a striking, colorful polka dot umbrella that was upside-down and sailing across Midtown in a massive puddle. In that moment, he thought of the expression “weathering the storm” and how out of the norm it was to see that. 

And that was how he came up with Weather The Norm.